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By , October 11, 2013 3:38 pm

2013 Toyota GT 86 TRD

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2013 Toyota GT86 TRD2013 Toyota GT86 TRD2013 Toyota GT86 TRD2013 Toyota GT86 TRD2013 Toyota GT86 TRD2013 Toyota GT86 TRD

Posted Oct 11th 2013 11:15AM



Sources in Australia are reporting that we'll be seeing a small, rear-drive sedan from Toyota, based on the GT 86/Scion FR-S. Yes, a convertible variant is still in limbo, but a four-door sedan is in the works. It's unclear if the rumored GT 86 sedan would spawn Scion and Subaru variants (it's hard to cross all ten fingers while you type, but we're having a go).

Working with remarks made by the car's chief engineer Tetsuya Tada in his blog and a rendering from Japanese magazine Holiday Auto, the Australian site Motoring is claiming that the new model's wheelbase will grow about four inches over the current GT 86's 101.2-inch wheelbase.

Besides the larger overall space between the axles, the sedan will offer a more potent engine option over the current 2.0-liter, flat-four. Promising 268 horsepower, which is a big jump over the current car's 200 ponies, the new powertrain will be derived from the Hybrid R setup, shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. If, like us, you're reaching for the salt, and we don't blame you.

Motoring seems to think the new model will be available later in 2015 or early in 2016, with pricing that should be within reach of current GT 86 owners (around 30,000 Australian dollars, or $28,371).


Report: More developments with BMW and Toyota’s trajectory on sports car and other projects – egmCartech

By , September 22, 2013 10:26 am

Report: More developments with BMW and Toyota’s trajectory on sports car and other projects


BMW and Toyota have been known to be hard at work together, something that has enthusiasts and journalists very excited for the future. And ever since the two have confirmed their newly found partnership, rumors and speculation have been exploding up the wazoo. So far, there’s strong reason to suspect that a new midsized sports car is on the way, which could usher in a very highly sought after Toyota Supra successor.

But not even that, as BMW and Toyota executives have both expressed strong interest in collaborating on more than just a single midsized sports car project. In the latest development from CAR of the UK, word is that BMW and Toyota’s new alliance could spawn as much as a new Z4, 6-Series, and GT86.

BMW seeks to have the next Z4 built on a new flexible platform that could also underpin a larger high performance coupe, which could mean the next generation 6-Series. Toyota on the other hand would be given the possibility to produce their much-rumored midsized sports car on the same platform, which could also trigger a GT86 and a MR2 successor to built off of the same platform.

BMW and Toyota ultimately however are seeking to build a lightweight rear-wheel drive platform with front-mounted engine placement with the strongest possible bias to a frontal mid-engined placement. This could translate into a lump that’s closer to the center of gravity, which in turn, improves handling performance drastically.

As of now, tensions a reportedly rising from this alliance and BMW’s M has apparently expressed worry about the dilution of their sports car products since Toyota may be given the reigns. This has a strong chance at affecting BMW’s other rumored mid-engined supercar, said to be built to celebrate the Roundel’s first ever century in existence.

- By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR


Report Says Work On Toyota GT86 Hybrid is at an Advanced Stage – carscoops

By , September 17, 2013 3:59 pm

We know Toyota/Subaru shunned the idea of any kind of forced induction for any hotter versions of the GT86 and its rebadged derivatives, and we also heard rumors that they were going for electric boost, to get the extra kick that so many (motoring journalists) said the standard car lacked.

However, what we didn’t know was that the development work was already in its advanced stages, and that if the green light is given, the engineers already have it figured out.

According to an Autocar magazine report, they apparently plan to mix and match parts from road and racing cars, and create an all new system that would fit the car specifically. The electric motor used in the Yaris Hybrid R concept is a possibility too, it itself sourced from the street-legal Yaris Hybrid model. Thankfully, the manual six-speed gearbox would apparently stay, and that’s good because it’s one of the car’s best features.

Moreover, if the battery pack is positioned low and as close to dead-center as possible within the body shell, they could still Tesla Model S it and keep the great handling. Besides, the weight of the pack can be offset by use of lightweight materials, since they just seem to have started trickling down into production cars too.


By Andrei Nedelea


Toyota Considering Performance Sub Brand: Report – AutoGuide

By , September 17, 2013 10:36 am


Toyota is considering launching its own performance brand within the next couple of years.


Though the Lexus F Sport sub-brand hasn’t quite taken off as well as the Japanese automaker would have liked, it certainly adds a sporty appeal to the luxury brand. If the Yaris Hybrid-R concept that debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show is any indication, Toyota can easily inject some life even into its most boring of models.

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According to Karl Schlicht, executive vice president at Toyota Europe, the automaker is “currently discussing sport lines for Toyota models.” Those new performance cars would sport a TMG badge after Toyota Motorsport GmbH, which is responsible for preparing Toyota’s race cars.

Recently TMG showcased just what it is capable of, rolling out a twin-turbo Lexus LS making 600 hp.


Toyota Confirms 400-HP AWD Hybrid R Concept’s Yaris Roots – MotorTrend

By , August 23, 2013 11:21 am
Toyota Confirms 400-HP AWD Hybrid R Concept’s Yaris Roots

We had our suspicions, but they’re officially confirmed: Toyota revealed that its forthcoming Hybrid R concept, which debuts in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, is, in fact, built from a modest Yaris hatchback.

After playing with Toyota’s shadowy teaser image in Photoshop, we thought the concept bore a close resemblance to the European-market Yaris Hybrid. Sure enough, Toyota confirmed the Yaris roots today, publishing a complete preview rendering while simultaneously declaring the car’s formal name “Yaris Hybrid R Concept.” Say that name three times fast.

Toyota Hybrid R teaser1 300x187 imageSpeaking of three times fast, we’ve no doubt the Yaris Hybrid R will be much, much faster than the stock 106-hp 2013 Toyota Yaris hatchback sold here in North America. Toyota says its Toyota Motorsports GmBH subsidiary – the former F1 braintrust now responsible for creating and fielding the TS030 hybrid prototype racer at Le Mans – developed the Yaris Hybrid R’s driveline. A turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder is tasked with drive the front wheels, while a pair of electric motors power the rear axle, thus blessing the Hybrid R with all-wheel drive. Performance figures have yet to be disclosed, but Toyota has previously hinted that the Yaris Hybrid R’s driveline could produce a net output of “400+” horsepower.

As neat as a 400-hp Yaris sleeper may be, it seems Toyota is wrapping the Yaris Hybrid R in some dramatic bodywork to help draw attention on the Frankfurt show floor. The headlamps and grille resemble a stock Yaris Hybrid, but the front fascia is anything but. A large, trapezoidal lower grille is enveloped in a greenish-blue surround, which transitions into a giant chin splitter. Two large air intakes flank the lower grille, and lend the Yaris Hybrid R a “spindle grille” look usually reserved for Lexus models. Rocker sills also appear to be enlarged, as do the fenders; good thing, as if this sketch is remotely accurate, the Yaris Hybrid R will roll on massive 10-spoke aluminum wheels. In fact, the whole thing looks remarkably close to some odd CGI patent renderings that popped up in China a while ago…

Toyota notes the Yaris Hybrid R celebrates 15 years of Toyota hybrids, and that it will introduce another 16 “new or revised” hybrid models by the end of 2015. Is that a sign the Hybrid R is production-bound? We wouldn’t count on it, but one piece of the show car will live on outside the auto show circuit: that turbocharged 1.6-liter I-4, nicknamed the “Global Race Engine,” will likely power TMG’s return to WRC rallying in 2014.

Source: Toyota

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Toyota is Testing More Powerful Options for the Scion FR-S – The Torque Report

By , August 23, 2013 10:15 am

Toyota is Testing More Powerful Options for the Scion FR-S


With only 200 horsepower, the Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ coupes could definitely use a power upgrade. Toyota hasn't announced the introduction of a more powerful version, but Toyota is reportedly looking at multiple options to give the coupe a much need boost.

Chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada recently revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald that his team is looking at a number of ways to increase the coupe's performance. "I hope to make an engine upgrade at least one time with this car," Tada stated.

Toyota is currently testing a turbocharged version, a version with a larger displacement engine and a hybrid version. Tada went on to state that all possibilities are being considered. The turbocharged could be a version of the new turbocharged engine that Toyota is working on for the new Lexus compact SUV. Tada didn't release any other details but it's being reported that the larger engine is a 2.5L Boxer engine with 254 horsepower. If Toyota decides to add a hybrid powertrain, it will likely be a much simpler version than the one that powers the Prius.



Lexus Continues Development of LS650 TMG – AutoGuide

By , August 22, 2013 10:40 am

lexus ls650 tmg edition

While Lexus continues to push its F-Sport line of performance products and accessories a skunk works project by a team of German engineers is continuing to refine what they believe is a more fitting rival for the Ms and AMGs of the world.


First unveiled in 2012, Toyota Motorsports Germany (TMG) has just revealed an updated version of what it calls the LS650 TMG – positioning the European racing division as the in-house tuner of choice for the Lexus brand.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the factory 5.0-liter V8 engine, power has been downgraded from the original, lofty number of 800 hp to a more realistic, though still AMG-rivaling 650 hp.

The car itself is a test bed to showcase the capabilities of the TMG team and the lessons learned in Formula 1 says Alastair Moffitt of Toyota Motorsport Germany, commenting on the official Lexus UK blog that, “we really wanted to create a Formula 1 car combined with a limousine.”

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Moffitt admits that there are no immediate plans for the TMG car to make it to production, though this current state of tune was performed with that in mind, commenting that, his team, “had to look to road application.” In particular, he comments that this third generation of the car was designed with Euro5 emissions in mind, as well as fuel economy and practicality, “so that we can, at least in concept, design a car that can be built and built again.”

“We would like to think that some of the areas we’ve shown on this car will lead into future projects for us at TMG,” he says, commenting that the goal with this project would be to have Lexus expand it into at least a small series of production cars.

If nothing else, Moffitt hopes TMG’s efforts can lead to further development of Lexus’ performance credentials.




Toyota Hybrid-R Concept Is A 400-Horsepower Yaris – Motor Authority

By , August 14, 2013 11:35 am

Second teaser for Toyota Hybrid R concept


Last week we learned that Toyota was planning to unveil a new concept car at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, which would showcase technology from its TS030 Hybrid Le Mans prototype in road car form. That got us wondering whether we might get a preview of Toyota’s planned successor for the Supra sports car in Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, this is not the case as Toyota has revealed a second teaser of its upcoming concept, which confirms that it will be based on the Yaris Hybrid. The new concept will be called the Hybrid-R and feature a sophisticated powertrain combining an internal combustion engine with an unspecified number of electric motors. Peak output will be 400 horsepower.

In order to make the most of that output, the Hybrid-R will feature a dual-mode control system that allows the car’s performance to be tailored to suit either the road or track. Helping to develop the Hybrid-R is TMG, the German outfit currently responsible for Toyota's Le Mans program and the former constructor of its F1 cars.

Toyota is keen to leverage its technology developed for Le Mans in its future road cars, and the Hybrid-R offers a glimpse of what to expect. Unfortunately, Toyota is yet to mention when we might see a high-performance hybrid model in showrooms but the Hybrid-R suggests things are brewing.

We’ll be seeing one more teaser before the reveal of the Hybrid-R at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show on September 10. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of our coverage, stay glued to our dedicated hub.


Report: Toyota developing a smaller RWD sports coupe to slot below GT86 – egmCarTech

By , August 14, 2013 10:01 am
Report: Toyota developing a smaller RWD sports coupe to slot below GT86

Gallery – 1 images
  • 2000 Toyota MR2


Word in the pipeline via is that Toyota is rummaging about the idea of a smaller rear-wheel drive sports coupe to sit below the current GT86. While sitting down with Toyota’s Tetsuya Tada, the leader of the GT86 project, the upcoming Supra-anticipated replacement, and now this venture, Tada apparently confirmed a smaller sports car is already in the works.

“Akio Toyoda always says to me, Toyota sports car [family] should be three sports car brothers. 86 is in the middle.” Tada told CarAdvice.

Additionally, Tada apaprently said that Toyota’s head honcho, Akio Toyoda, is on board with the entire plan, but the usual bureaucratic processes must occur to greenlight the project as a whole.

Resultantly, this leaves Toyota the possibility of reviving some pretty renowned nameplates. Anyone remember the classic Toyota MR2 and Celica sports cars? Though, yes, pedantic individuals would note that the Celica changed from being rear-wheel drive to front.

Tada also hinted that the car “might be built” in collaboration with another car company. Hmm, gee, we wonder who…?

- By: Chris Chin



This first-gen Toyota Celica is one mean mother – AutoBlog

By , July 9, 2013 1:10 pm

Brian Karasawa's gen-one Toyota Celica is, in a word, badass. As a long-standing fan of the marque, the doting owner has tried to both restore and improve his Celica keeping period-correct modifications in mind. The 20R/22R mashup engine is outputting roughly 185 horsepower and graced with a lot of JDM-specific parts and modifications. Clearly, the exhaust has been upgraded from stock, as clips of the orange Toyota in motion are accompanied by one hell of a nice sound.

Tastes clearly vary, and there's not as much love for the first-wave of Japanese metal as there is for similar era American-iron, but we're pleased to see these cars finally getting more time in the spotlight. Scroll down below to see why we're stoked, and consider cruising your local Craigslist for late 1970s and early 1980s Japanese coolness (before we get there first).


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